Visconti Van Gogh


Visconti Van Gogh Maxi

Color: Evergreen
Material: Enalem over brass
Filler: Cartridge/Converter
Date c. 2008
Nib: M Steel, custom ground to stub
Working? Yes

This is one of the first set of VanGogh pens, before they were based on specific paintings, and personally, I liked that series better than the newer ones. It’s a solid, hefty pen, with a shimmering finish. Plated nib, but still an excellent writer, especially now that it has been given the famed Pendleton Point ‘Butter-line Stub’ treatment. Shimmering green with golds and browns – no photo will do it justice. Nice weighty feel in the hand, and holds loads of ink. Fantastic spring-loaded clip, too.

, June 2, 2018.

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