Visconti Rembrandt


Visconti Rembrandt

Color: Orange
Material: Resin
Filler: Cartridge/Converter
Date c. 2015
Nib: Steel Flex / Steel Italic
Working? Yes

Have I mentioned I love orange pens? So when the Rembrandt calligraphy kit showed up in my inbox in one of FPH’s ‘special sales,’ I leapt. Boy, am I glad I did! I know Viscontis get a lot of flak, but I adore them, and this is no exception. I will say the flex nib isn’t all that flexy, especially in contrast to a genuine vintage flex nib, but it’s a nice nib for practicing. And the italic is fantastic! Much better flow than any calligraphy italic I’ve used. Nice solid piece, with a nifty magnetic click-lock cap.

, June 2, 2018.

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