Sheaffer Valiant


Sheaffer Valiant

Color: Golden Brown Striated
Material: Celluloid
Filler: Lever
Date c. 1940-42
Nib: M 14K Lifetime 2T
Working? No

This first came to me as a battle-worn Valiant Balance with all the plating is gone from the ‘military clip’ clip and the band as seen above. A bit of polish magic, and now it’s a stunner! (I really need to put up a new photo!) Sports a fantastic two-toned LT nib and the elusive military style clip (so named because the top of the pen would not protrude above the edge of the pocket, causing the pocket flap to bulge; designed to make these pens accommodate war-era military uniform regulations. Many people incorrectly assume the tiny clips found on the smaller ‘Tuckaway’ models are military clips, but the only this ‘over-the-top’ style is the correct military clip.). Smooth, wet medium writer.

, June 7, 2018.

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