Sheaffer Triumph


Sheaffer Triumph

Color: Carmine Striated
Material: Celluloid
Filler: Vacuumatic
Date c. 1942
Nib: M 14K Lifetime Truimph 2T
Working? Yes

When I got this pen, it looked awful, revealing the telltale ionization of the silver underneath the gold plating. So it sat in my “not sure what to do with” pile for a couple years. Took it out on a whim and tried a different brand of polishing compound, and WOW! Looks like new! No discoloration, the barrel has excellent transparency, and the big conical nib is in great condition. It’s an original Triumph, unlike all the other pens that followed it and used the Triumph nib. The giveaway is that huge cap band. It’s a sweet writer with a fine line that is still rich and wet enough not to tweak my ‘fine nib issues.’

, June 7, 2018.

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