Sheaffer Targa Black


Sheaffer Targa

Color: Matte Black
Material: Lacquer over brass
Filler: Cartridge/Converter
Date c. 1980
Nib: 14K M
Working? Yes

I got my first Targa when I sent a vintage pen to Sheaffer for repairs. They sent it back, saying they were very sorry they no longer had parts to repair my pen, but would I accept this one as a gift? One helluva gift! Made me wish I had lots more old Sheaffers to send them…. I gave that one away (big mistake), but I have a few others now, and they are always pens I come back to. And of course, I really have never met a Sheaffer gold inlaid nib I didn’t like.

, June 19, 2018.

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