Sheaffer Flattop


Sheaffer OS Flattop

Color: Jade
Material: Celluloid
Filler: Lever
Date c. 1926
Nib: Huge 14 K Lifetime
Working? Yes

This is a beauty; one of the prizes in my collection. The Straight clip with the ‘Sheaffer’S’ imprint, the five line-inscription and the white dot place this pen fairly precisely at 1926. The coloration on the Jade is as near flawless as any example I’ve seen, and the clip and bands have only the tiniest touch of brassing. I nabbed this darling in a batch lot for a ridiculously low price, and while I have had a sac in it (because I just HAD to write with it!) I currently keep it empty to protect the color.

, June 7, 2018.

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