Greischaber ‘Baby Grand’


Greischaber Baby Grand Ringtop

Color: Jade
Material: Celluloid
Filler: Lever
Date c. ca. 1930s
Nib: 14K Greishaber #1
Working? Yes

Greischaber is a fairly obscure brand that made pens in Chicago from somewhere in the 1890s into at least the 1930s. This micro-mini pen (3″ capped) has a nicely preserved jade color, and a teensy 14K Greischaber-makred #1 nib. The nib seems little-used, and the barrel imprint is clear. Sadly, it’s missing it’s ringtop, which means it is essentially open to the air, so it’s not rwally useable. To be fair it’s a little small to be used easily anyway. A nifty little treasure!

, December 10, 2023.

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