Delta Journal


Delta Journal LE

Color: 'Horn' (Cafe au lait swirl)
Material: Resin
Filler: Piston
Date c. ca. 2012
Nib: 14K Rhodium plated F
Working? Yes

Suprisingly, I think I love this Delta even more than my DV! It’s a limited edition, and it’s just a delight. One of the smoothest fine nibs I have ever used, it’s just a dream pen. Don’t confuse this with the matte finish line released a couple years later. I think they used the same resin, but the matte version is a C/C fill with a steel nib. I checked recently to see if I could find other finishes, but these are now selling upwards of $500! I’m so happy I nabbed it when I spotted it a couple years back, for a LOT less than that!

, December 10, 2023.

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