Sheaffer Pen-for-Men


Sheaffer Pen For Men III "PFM"

Color: Burgundy
Material: Plastic, GP band
Filler: Snorkel
Date c. 1959-68
Nib: 14K M Inlaid
Working? Yes

The only pen I own that is actually a family heirloom. I usually say my first Cross Townsend started my fountain pen habit, but really, it was this one. It belonged to my great uncle, Orville, and I found it after his death. No one else wanted it, so it became mine. I was maybe all of 12, and a fascination was born. Works very well, holds a load of ink, and a great writer.

Sheaffer Clipper Set


Sheaffer Clipper FP & Pencil Set

Color: Black & Chrome
Material: Plastic
Filler: Snorkel
Date c. 1052-59
Nib: M Triumph PdAg
Working? No

Snorkel fillers are so nifty, but a real headache to repair. This beauty has a gleaming palladium alloy conical nib, characteristic of the Clipper series. This one will have to be sent out for repairs, however. It’s in great shape, so I will have it done, but it doesn’t top the list right now. Pencil is near mint.