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For Sale: Laban “Nouveau” Set

Laban Sterling “Nouveau” FP/BP set in a gorgeous Art Nouveau pattern.

($175, negot.)

Converter fill (included). Steel Nib, B

I don’t know the exact model designation, and was unable to find this set online. The closest I found was the Maya (retails for about $180 for the FP, $130 for the BP, give or take depending on currency and such). It’s similar in looks to the Labrados, but I don’t think that one is sterling, and it looks like the black is enamel. I didn’t find this pattern in any case.

This set is definitely silver (and it does tarnish over time as one would expect), but I can’t tell if it’s a true overlay. The set is in near mint to fine condition. The only mark on the set is a small ding on the end of the BP (see photo). Close examination shows a few ‘drawer wear’ scuff-type marks, but they are not visible without magnification. I honestly don’t know much about this set, other than it’s a lovely writer, and the BP has the original Laban-branded refill, which writes (black).

I’m asking $175, but happy to entertain other offers, since I don’t have more details. Drop me an e-mail on the Contact Page if you’re interested!


Laban-6nibs Laban-5nick Laban-4all Laban-3Plate Laban-2nib