Sheaffers, Pre-1950

Vintage Sheaffers; Pre-1950

(Modern, post-1950 Sheaffers are HERE. Project or non-working Sheaffers are on the Project Pens Page.)

This page shows all my vintage Sheaffers. Balances, flat-tops, ring-tops, Triumph, Tuckaway…. Truthfully, these are some of the favorites out of my entire collection. I’ve been doing a lot of restoration work recently, so there’s some new ones here. Enjoy!


Sheaffer 5 30 Ringtop Black M/B 14K 5-30
Lever c 1915-20 Working
This little Sheaffer is a lovely little writer. It’s not a lifetime or white-dot model, and I haven’t found any examples quite exactly like it. I’ve seen them in jade green marble, and a sort of grey pearl with black ends, and a black with a single wide band. But never quite like this one. It’s in beautiful condition, too. Look at that imprint! I think it will be part of my at home rotation.
Sheaffer Balance Brown Striated F/M #3 14K
Lever c 1930-35 Working
Fantastic brown striated Balance, recently restored. A little darkening of the barrel, but there are still some lovely amber stripes still showing.
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Sheaffer Balance Ebonized Pearl 14K F/M
Lever c 1934-39 Working
I’ve been hunting a nice Ebonized Balance for ages! It’s the smaller size, just a touch bigger than the Jr. line, but a beautiful finish, with no discoloration. The visulated section is one of the clearest I’ve seen form a pen of this era. It has some drawer wear, but no brassing, and a strong imprint. And of course, it’s a sweet writer; it’s a vintage Sheaffer!
Sheaffer Balance Set Marine Green XK #5 Feather Touch 14K
Lever, with pencil c 1930-35 Working
This is a beautiful set, with only slight discoloration to the barrel, but plenty of rich green hues still visible. The nib is really fine, which doesn’t tend to be my preference, but it’s smooth as can be. Pencil is in darn near mint condition.
Sheaffer Balance Military Brown Striated M 14K Lifetime 2T
Lever c 1940-42 Working
This first appeared as a battle-worn Balance with all the plating is gone from the clip and the band. A bit of polish magic, and now it’s a stunner! Sports the elusive military style clip, a fantastic two-toned LT nib. Smooth, wet medium writer.
Sheaffer Balance Pearl & Black Huge 14K M LT
Lever c 1929-34 Working
This pen is magnificent! There is some ambering, but not too bad overall. Came to me restored and working beautifully, with a huge, buttery 14K nib, in a ‘politely wet’ medium. The pen itself it big, but very well balanced. I adore this pen!
Sheaffer Balance OS Marine Green Striated XF #3 14K, firm
Lever c 1930-35 Working
Gorgeous green striated Balance, but the nib is a bit too fine for me. It’s a shame, because this is a gorgeous example of a greet striated finish, with no discoloration (the darker areas in the photo are a mix of the pattern and shadow; you can see from the nib photo that the barrel is quite bright!) I would call this one almost an accountant nib. Not quite as fine as my Imperial VIII, but pretty close!
Sheaffer Balance Junior Carmine Red Striated F #3 14K Semi-flex
Lever c 1939-45 Working
A petite jewel! This little Carmine Balance was restored by the previous owner, and they did a beautiful job. It’s got a great semi-wet nib, with just a bit of flex (unusual in Sheaffers). The visulated section is clear if slightly ambered, and the color is perfect.
Sheaffer Balance Jr. Set Carmine Red Striated F/M #5-30 14K LT 2T
Lever c 1939-45 Working
Another fantastic Carmine Balance in nearly mint condition, this time part of a set. The visulated section is clear and un-ambered, and the color is perfect. The clips on the pen and pencil don’t match, making me suspect a replacement of either one instrument, or the pen cap. I don’t like this nib quite as much as the Carmine beauty above, but it’s still a lovely little instrument.
Sheaffer Craftsman Set Burnt Umber Radite II M 14K Feather Touch 2T
Lever c 194-49 Working
Sweet brown Radite Craftsman (wire band, open nib, streamline clip, brown color). However, I’ve never seen a Craftsman with either a FeatherTouch nib, or a visulated section. Still, it’s a nice pen, and a beautiful set with a nifty flip-open box.
Sheaffer Desk Pen Black w/BHR taper M 14K Lifetime
Lever c 1920s ? Working
This desk pen is heavier, older, and more solid than the one below. In addition to the gold band, the nib is solid gold, with a smooth buttery line. The taper is a threaded black hard rubber, that, sadly looks like it was used as an icepick. It’s still a gorgeous pen, and writes beautifully. I don’t have a good base for it, but I sometimes rotate it out with the one below.
Sheaffer Desk Pen Black M-ish 14K Lifetime
Lever filler c 1930s Working
A sweet open nib on a graceful desk pen, with a glossy black glass base with a brass mount. Nib is a little odd, not flexy, but with a wider cross stroke than vertical (architect’s nib, perhaps?). Nice writer nevertheless, perfect for jotting quick notes at my desk.
Sheaffer Pearl Desk Pen Black and Pearl F/M 14K Lifetime Inlaid
Lever filler c 1929-34 Working
Really gorgeous desk pen in the Black and Pearl finish, offered by Sheaffer from about 1929 through 1935 or so. Has a big gleaming 14K nib that writes beautifully. Sadly, none of my holders quite fit this one, so it doesn’t get used much. But I do find desk pen holders occasionally, so I’m hoping I’ll find one with a good fit!
Sheaffer Soverign II Tuckaway Black with GP cap F 14K Triumph Lifetime 2T
Touchdown c 1944-49 Working
Contrary to legend, these are not the pens Sheaffer designed for military uniforms; those have the ‘over-the-top’ clip, which does not make the pocket flap bulge. These were made to be easy to carry in a pocket or purse, or to be worn in smaller women’s blouse pockets. This is a great specimen, with some drawer wear on the cap, but a crisp imprint and a flawless Touchdown fill.
Sheaffer Triumph Carmine Striated M 14K Triumph Lifetime 2T
Touchdown c 1942 Needs gaskets
When I got this pen, it looked awful, revealing the telltale ionization of the silver underneath the gold plating. So it sat in my “not sure what to do with” pile for a couple years. Took it out on a whim and tried a different brand of polishing compound, and WOW! Looks like new! No discoloration, the barrel has excellent transparency, and the big conical nib is in great condition. It’s an original Triumph, unlike all the other pens that followed it and used the Triumph nib. The giveaway is that huge cap band. It’s a sweet writer with a fine line that is still rich and wet enough not to tweak my ‘fine nib issues.’

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