Sheaffers, 1950-present

Modern Sheaffers; Post 1950….

(Vintage, pre-1950 Sheaffers are HERE. Project or non-working Sheaffers are on the Project Pens Page.)

Here you will find the more modern Sheaffers. All the inlaid nibs, snorkels, touchdowns, and a few even more recent cartridge/converter pens…. I don’t know if these inspire me quite as much as the vintage ones, but there’s some great pens here: Targas, Imperials, a PFM…enjoy!)


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Sheaffer 100 Red M Steel
Cartridge/Converter c 2013 Working
One of the new line by Sheaffer, a very modern looking pen. Has a slight cigar taper to it, and the nib is reminiscent of the Prelude. I haven’t actually inked it up yet, but it has a nice balance and feel in the hand.
Sheaffer 500 “Dolphin” Desk pen Burgundy M Steel
Cartridge/Converter c 1962-64 Working
One of the odd ‘faux inlaid’ nibs made by Sheaffer in the early 1960s, also known as ‘dolphin’ nibs. I’m guessing it’s a 500, since the higher end models had 14K nibs, and this one seems to be steel. Came with a stunning marble base. Seems to be unused NOS condition, as pen and base still have stickers, though they are faded.
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Sheaffer Imperial VII Black w GP Cap XXF 14K Inlaid
Touchdown c 1960 Working
Beautiful vintage Imperial, some brassing to the GP cap, but otherwise great condition. Insanely fine point, one of the finest I’ve ever written with! I’d call this an accountant point, perhaps? (And too fine for me, so it doesn’t get much use.)
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Sheaffer Imperial ? Burgundy M GP Palladium
Cartridge/Converter 1970-75 Working
One of the few pens I’ve found ‘in the wild.’ I have a question mark beside it because it’s not quite like my other Imperials. It has a wider band than the Imp. III, and a different inlaid nib than the VII. I have not yet found an exact match, but Sheaffer is known for its oddball variants. It has a really nice smooth nib, but the flow is still a little sketchy. I think it needs a more thorough cleaning, but it seems like a nice writer. Generally, very good condition.
Sheaffer Imperial or? Gold plated lined F 14K Inlaid
Cartridge/Converter c 1980 Working
This is a later Imperial, c. 1980 or so, when Sheaffer started using the ‘arrowhead’ nib, previously only seen on the later Triumph pens, in its Imperial line. It lacks the crown imprint of the earlier model (below), but aside from that and the different nib shape, it’s essentially the same pen. A lovely writer, well balanced, and reliable. Great pen!
Sheaffer Imperial 797 Gold plated lined F 14K Lifetime Inlaid
Cartridge/Converter c 1960 Working
This is NOS from the Sheaffer factory in Iowa. Very similar to the Triumph listed below, but the nib is longer, extending over halfway down the section, and has the more commonly seen diamond cutout. The barrel bears the Lifetime Crown imprint. It’s a solid, hefty feeling pen, but it’s not a big one, so it fits nicely in the hand. It has a fairly wet fine inlaid nib – which I adore! Gorgeous pen.
Sheaffer Intrigue Petrol (Metallic Blue)/Silver M 14K/Palladium Inlaid
Cartridge/converter c 2000-05 Working
I’ve been wanting an Intrigue since they were still in production. The weren’t around long, but I finally caught one. It’s a quirky beast, to be sure, with a very odd and proprietary filling system, but it’s gorgeous! The inlaid nib almost recalls the dolphin’ nib seen in the 1960s, but is fully inlaid. Since it’s a little fiddly, I don’t use it much, but I do love it! Has a ballpoint companion as well.
Sheaffer Pen For Men III (PFM) Burgundy M 14K Inlaid
Snorkel(see it here) c 1960 Working
The only pen I own that is actually a family heirloom. I usually say my first Cross Townsend started my fountain pen habit, but really, it was this one. It belonged to my great uncle, Orville, and I found it after his death. No one else wanted it, so it became mine. I was maybe all of 12, and a fascination was born. Works very well, holds a load of ink, and a great writer.
Sheaffer Prelude Tortoise M 14K GP
Cartridge/Converter c 1999 Working
The Prelude was a nice mid-range pen offered by Sheaffer at the end of other product lines (like the Targa). They’ve recently stopped making these, too, and I suspect they will quickly become prized. While it lacks the grace of the inlaid nibs, the finish is gorgeous, and it’s a reliable and well-performing writer, roughly on par with Waterman’s Phileas (of which I’m also quite fond!), but with a slightly heavier metal body.
Sheaffer Skripsert (Imperial?) Black w/GP cap F 14k / M 14K semi-exposed
Cartridge only (?) c 1960 Working
Two NOS Skripserts, both with chalk marked size & price on the barrel. Nice writers, but I either need to find converters for them, or get cartridges (which I probably won’t do).
Sheaffer Lady Skripsert Gold Tulle M 14K semi-exposed
Cartridge only (?) & pencil c 1955-60 Working
A gorgeous little Lady Sheaffer set, in fantastic shape. Has a nearly mint case with a box of cartridges (dried out, but there) intact. Both pen and pencil have a flawless finish, pen seems to write well. I do wish there was a reliable converter for the Skripsert line; they are some really lovely pens!
Sheaffer Targa Black Matte w/gold M 14K Inlaid
Cartridge/Converter c 1985 Working
I got my first Targa when I sent a vintage pen to Sheaffer for repairs. They sent it back, saying they were very sorry they no longer had parts to repair my pen, but would I accept this one as a gift? One helluva gift! Made me wish I had lots more old Sheaffers to send them…. I gave that one away, but I have a few others now, and they are always pens I come back to. And of course, I really have never met a Sheaffer gold inlaid nib I didn’t like.
Sheaffer Targa Red Flame Swirl w/gold M 14K Inlaid
Cartridge/Converter c 1985 Working
Another Targa, and one of the pens that has gotten the most use. It’s compact, easy to hold, solid, writes like a dream. Inlaid nibs have made me a Sheaffer gal for life.
Sheaffer Targa Slim Black Matte w/gold M 14K Inlaid
Cartridge/Converter c 1985 Working
Another inlaid nib that writes like a dream. The squeeze converter seems to have issues, and the mini-converter has leaked, so this darling doesn’t get much use. Lovely, though!

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