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Sooner or later, a pen devotee will have a pen that stops working, discover a dusty treasure at a flea market, or a rare find for cheap on eBay. In these cases, repairs become an issue. Many pen lovers, especially new to the pen craze, find that doing their own repairs is too intimidating. Others forge ahead, especially with the simplest of repairs, replacing sacs on lever fillers.

These Pens All Need a Bit of Work…

The pens on this page all need some repair love. Many only need sacs, and will get them from me when I have the right sacs on hand (not to mention the time)! Others await the funding to be sent to a pro – I’m pretty daring about taking things apart, but even I won’t crack open a Snorkel or Touchdown filler! I’ve also put some of the pens I’ve sold here. I’m not sure if I’ll keep them on the site or not, but for now they can live here.

The entire collection – rather a terrifying view! (Actually, a small handful of these have since been sent off via FPN’s Pay-It-Forward to folks who will use and/or repair them. Then again, I have added at least that many since then….)(Click to view the image larger in a new window) A nifty little vintage black glass elephant rocker blotter. Since this photo was taken, he has been outfitted with shiny new clips and a nice thick sheet of blotter paper!(Click to view the image larger in a new window)
(All photos are my own. so please don’t take them without asking.I’m happy to share, and may have a higher resolution version; so please ask!)rule
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Band O’White Black Chased Hard Rubber 14K Flex F/M
Lever c 1920? Needs sac
I found this one in the wild at an antiques shop. The owner gave me a deal on this and a couple other pieces, so I thought it might be worth the restoration. I’ve since scavenged the nib for another pen, since the body seems (sadly) retty much shot.
Hartline Caramel Amber/Caramel Swirl Amber glass
Lever c 1926 Needs sac
An intriguing glass nib fountain pen – I am finding myself fascinated by these things! I never knew they existed until very recently; now I am finding them everywhere. This one is a lovely caramel color, though the yellow barrel end has a endency to pop off. It’s not terribly solid feeling, but it needs resaccing, so perhaps when I get it all properly fitted is will have a bit more heft.
Sheaffer Ringtop Black Hard Rubber Flexy 14K #3 ‘Self-Filling’
Lever c 1910-19? Needs sac
This is an unusual early lever filler. Black chased hard rubber, with clear imprint, no lever box and straight lever. Also unusual is the gold-filled ring top. I have seen these with clips, and with more typical cap bands, never with this little cap top. Seems like a smooth flexy F-M nib, but needs a sac. I’m a little leery of messing with this one, so I will likely send it out… Sweet little pen though!
Sheaffer Clipper Set Black with Chrome & Gold M Triumph
Snorkel c 1952-59 Needs service
Snorkel fillers are so nifty, but a real headache to repair. This one will have to be sent out for repairs, I’m afraid. It’s in great shape, so I will have it done, but it doesn’t top the list right now. Pencil is near mint.
Sheaffer Imperial III Black XF Palladium Triumph 2T
Touchdown c 1961 Not working
Not a top of the line Sheaffer, but a solid pen. Touchdown fill is dodgy, and tends not to draw. When dipped, writes a smooth semi-dry extra-fine line. (XFs always seem to write dry to me)
Sheaffer Imperial III Evergreen M Palladium Triumph 2T
Touchdown c 1961 Not working
Not a top of the line Sheaffer, but another nice TD with a Triumph nib. Touchdown fill is not drawing ink, though when dipped it writes a fairly smooth medium line.
Sheaffer Sovereign II Marine Green Striated M 14K Triumph Lifetime 2T
Touchdown/Piston c 1945 Needs gaskets
A sweet little Sovereign, gorgeous color, even a striated section with a big conical nib. These are a bit of a bear to fix, too, so I will need to send it off for gaskets and seals. Otherwise, it seems to be in superb condition.
Spors Crescent Green & White Marble F/M Glass
Crescent lever c 1920s Needs sac
This is an odd bird, to be sure. It looks just like a pre-war crescent filler, but it has a glass nib. Its components reflect the material quality one might expect from a war-era pen; the body is light, and the metal components are of a basic alloy. The color is bright and clear, though yellower in spots; not sure if some places faded, or others yellowed. The nib will need either a light sanding or replacing, as it has a small chip at the very tip, and it needs resaccing.
Unknown: German Glass Dark Amber Glass Amber Glass
Piston? c ??? Piston broken
This is the most unusal pen I’ve seen. It looks to be a piston or plunger filler, but it is made entirely of glass (well, except for the rubber gaskets.) Sadly, the piston knob broke off, and seems someone tried to cement it back on. I’ve gotten the glue off, but the piston rod seems tightly fixed inside a rubber washer in the end of the barrel, and I can’t pull it out. (I was hoping if I could draw it out, perhaps a glass expert might be able to either rejoin the knob, or make a new one.) I don’t think it’s useable except as a dip pen, but it’s a marvelous and unusual piece!
Venus Red Red Pearl Plastic Steel
Lever c ??? Needs nib work
This is marked as a Venus on the clip and lever, and marked “Veri Smooth Medium USA” on the nib. It has a very wide cap band, and a sort of pearlized red plastic barrel. It seems like a nice smooth nib, but even with a dip, it doesn’t feed well. Time to floss, deep clean, and see if I can get it working…


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Sold Fountain Pens

Dewen ‘Modern’ [SOLD] Black Lacque w/silver F 14K GP
Cartridge/Converter c 2000 Working
Another Chinese Dewen, a decent pen, though not quite as nice looking or as smooth as the Millenium. Something about the brushed steel apppontments doesn’t appeal to me, and where they put a brushed steel section on the gold and black pen, this one, where that might have worked, got a polished steel section.
Dollar Demonstrator [SOLD] Clear M Steel/Iridium
Cartridge/Converter c 2005 Working
A nifty little demonstrator i snagged for $3. No legacy pen, but a solid writer, with a nice piston filler. And really pretty filled with bright colored ink. I wish more of the pricier pens had such a filling system.
Huashilai Filigree [SOLD] Amber marble w/Black M 22K GP
Cartridge/Converter c 2005 Working, sort of
Somtimes I have had great luck picking up unknown pens from China on the cheap, others not. Sadly, this is a ‘not.’ As pretty as it is, it would not write at all, and then the nib & feed popped right out. Too bad, as it is lovely. (I’ve since found essentially the same pen from antoher company, and it behaves beautifully! Go figure..)
Huashilai Swirl [SOLD] Smoke Marble w/black M 22K GP
Piston w/blind cap c 2005 Working
This pen came with the one above. I tried that one first, and then didn’t have much enthusiasm for this one. Still haven’t tried it, but I will report if I do. Nice looking, but the clip is white, which bugs me. Seeing the photo, I just assumed it was silver-tone.
Namiki/Pilot 88 [SOLD] Green BB 14K GP
Cartridge/Converter c 2000 Working
I want to like this pen way more than I do. It’s a NOS Double-bold, so it can do some nice italics, but it’s a tad on the scratchy side, and it runs a bit dry on the inks I’ve tried in it so far. I am really starting to prefer flexy nibs for stroke variance!
Suoshi 2009 [SOLD] Blue Ribble w/GP M 14K GP
Cartridge/Converter c 2009 Working
Pretty pen, mediocre writer, nice balance. Not the best find I’ve gotten on the cheap, but not the worst, either.
Unknown Piston Red & Silver w/ Clear Barrel Steel
Piston/Plunger c 1942 (War Era) Needs gaskets
War-era piston filler, very much like the one pictured on Richard Binder’s page here. The nib half of the barrel is a clear ink reservoir, filled by the piston hidden by the ‘blind cap’ which comprises the aft half of the barrel. The section seems to be either plastic or BHR, and the nib is a relatively cheap steel, once gold plated, and marked only ‘Durium 8.” No markings appear anywhere else on the pen. The clip seems like a base metal which may have also been plated, the cap band is either the same, or possibly brass. The transparent barrel seems like it’s fused to the section (as these are known to be) so I doubt Ill try to fix this one, but it is a nice bit of pen history….

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