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Here you will find everything that works and is not a Sheaffer! This includes high-end writing instruments like my Visconti and Cross pens, all the way to my 99¢ Chinese pens and some off-brand or 'third tier' pens. Don't be fooled, though - there are some fantastic treasues here!

Left: A lovely vintage Waterman Ideal Nº 05521/2V (gold filled “Gothic” overlay) Fountain Pen & Pencil set, in its original box, with instructions. (Click to view the image larger in a new window)

(All photos are my own. so please don't take them without asking. I'm happy to share, and may have a higher resolution version; so please ask!)

Cross Townsend Black Lacquer M 14 K/B 14K
Cartridge/Converter c 1995 Working
(B nib shown) Both of these are fantastic! In fact, all my Cross Townsends are great writers, smooth and elegant. They are big and weighty, but I like a pen with a substantial feel.
Cross Townsend Cardinal Red Lacquer XF Two-tone 18K
Cartridge/Converter c 1995 Working
Another wonderful Townsend pen. This was probably the first XFine nib I ever really came to love. The Cardinal red lacquer is gorgeous; no photo I have seen does this pen justice.
Cross Townsend Medalist Chrome XF 18K
Cartridge/Converter c 1998 Working
I am slightly less fond of the bright chrome; it seems a little brash. I don't know why; just the deep, rich black, red & brown laquers seem so much more elegant. Still, like all my Townsends, this is a superb instrument.
Cross Townsend Sienna Lacquer F 14K
Cartridge/Converter c 1995 Working
And another fantastic Townsend. Like the Cardinal, the Sienna lacquer is gorgeous; the photos I have just don't do it justice.
Custom-made Wood & Turquoise M Steel
Cartridge/Converter c 2012 Working
This is a custom made pen by a local craftsman. I've seen varying examples of these, but this one is just gorgeous! It was a gift, and wow! Hand turned wood barrel & cap, veined with turquoise, and a silky-smooth German iridium nib.
Dewen Millenium Black Lacque w/gold F/M 14K GP
Cartridge/Converter c 2000 Working
Dewen is a Chinese brand, and while it's not one of the more well-known (that I've seen, which isn't saying much) it seems to put out a decent pen. One of the smoother, wetter GP Chinese nibs I've used. My only quibble is the brushed steel section - it seems out of place on an otherwise very classy-looking pen.
Eversharp Colonial GF Pinstripe M Iridium
Lever-filler c 1940 Working
Currently a project pen, with what I think will be a lovely fine nib. GP 'pinstripe' body, with unobtrusive personalization. A bit fine for my tastes, but with a bit of flex, and a smooth writer.
Eversharp Skyline Black w/GF Derby F-M 14K Flex
Lever-filler c 1940 Working
Finally! I have my Eversharp Skyline! This is a masterpiece of 1940s Art Deco styling, and it's a fantastic writer. Smooth nib, with an easy, subtle flex. Wonderful!
Krone Stretch Oasis Blue w/Sterling M 18K
Button fill w/blind cap c 2008 Working
I love this pen! It's a little jewel in the hand, with really classy Sterling trim, and a nib like silk. It's small capacity, though, and I have a hard time getting much ink in it. If I can get it filling, it will be a favorite! (I'm tempted to just put in a bigger sac.)
Laban Sterling Set Sterling over Black resin B GP Steel/Iridium
Cartridge/Converter, Pencil c 1990? Working
A stunning pen, in good condition,though there are some pits or dings on the edges of the silver. Both pen and pencil bear a lovely art nouveau sterling slver over black resin. The pen cap and the pencil both have a block incorporated into the pattern for initials, but both are unengraved. I don't know much about this set, but the pen writes passably. The nib is smooth, but the flow is a litle irregular. It may just not have found the right ink.
Lamy 99 Turquoise M Stub 14K
Piston c 1950 Working
NOS, in perfect condition, with sticker. Fantastic little pen, with a smooth piston filler, nifty little visulated ink windows, and a fairly smooth medium-ish semi-hooded nib.
Lamy 99 Desk Pen Black M Italic 14K
Piston c 1950 Working
Also NOS, in perfect condition. A desk pen with a slightly stubbier profile than my 2 Sheaffer desk models, but with a smooth piston filler, small visulated ink windows. Has a smooth medium-ish semi-hooded nib, but with an odd oblique to it that I don't quite have the hang of (may be a lefty problem!) Still, a lovely desk pen, that fits perfectly in a black marble base I scored at an antique shop ages ago.
Lamy Al-Star Purple Metallic F Steel
Cartridge/Converter c 2010 Working
One of two Lamys that were brought back for me direct from P.W. Akkerman in Amsterdam, and my first Al-Star/Safari type pen! Lightweight, but substantial, and a nice writer. This will be a great about town pen, and I love the color!
Lamy Dialog 3 Black Matte F/M 14K GP
Cartridge/Converter c 2013 Working
THis pen is different from any other instruent I own. It is sleek, modern, almost stealth. It's kinda sexy! It's also a retractable, along similar lines as Pilot's Vanishing Point. It's weighty, and the matte finish is silky smooth and cool in the hand. And it writes easily as smoothly as the best and butteriest vintage nib I have. Superb craftsmanship and engineering, and a really amazing writing experience! (Nib photo is stock)
Mabie Todd Swan Green Marble Nib
Lever fill c 1940s Working
A former project pen, now a nice vintage writer. Gorgeous green marble body with no discoloration, basic alloy clip. Cap bands are loose, but the cap is solid. It's been fitted with a new sac, and writes well. Nib gives a little feedback, but nothing major. The barrel has a split in the end. If I get VERY brave someday, I may try to repair that!
Namiki Falcon Black with GP Soft F 14K
Cartridge/Converter c 2009 Working
This is one of the 'soft-fine' nibs from Pilot that is supposed to strike a balance between flexy nibs and stiffer writers. It took me a while to warm up to this pen, but now it's a regular in the rotation. I'd love to try one of these in a fine, as I think the contrast would really play up the flex of the 'soft' nib.
Reform 1745 Green & Black F/M Iridium 2-tone
Piston c. 1980s Working
Sweet little NOS Reform, with a smooth piston fill. When I got this, I despaired of it as a bit of a scatchy, hesitant writer. A couple years on, and with more experience, I did some tweaking, nib tuning, and so on, and Presto! It writes like a dream.
Remington Copper & Steel Marble F/M 14K GP
Lever c 1940? Working
I think Remington is another sub-brand, much like Arnold. The appointments are a fairly low-grade metal, but the body is beautiful with no discoloration, and the nib is surprisingly smooth, especially for a fine. Project pen I nabbed on the cheap, and with a little TLC, it's now a lovely little vintage writer!
Soyus Gold Quill Soviet Gold Fill Pinstripe F/M 14K '583'
Piston fill c 1960s Working
Lovely and rare pen from Soviet-era Russia. Made in Leningrad in the 1960s, it has the 'State Standard Mark, a pentagon with the initials 'CCCP.' A lovely writer, about the same size as a Sheaffer GP Imperial, though a touch lighter.
Unknown: Green Crackle Green w/Gold, roll clip F GP Iridium, 'Paris'
Cartridge/Converter c 2009 Working
I don't even know who made this pen! The nib says 'Iridium Point Paris,' and that's it. It's sturdily made, with a nify roll-clip, and for the $6 I paid, it's a darn fine writer. I bought it for my son, and I wish I'd snagged two. This is one of those no-names that really did pay off....
Visconti Opera Elements "Fire" Red/white swirl, red cap M 18 K
Cartridge/Converter c 2007 Working
Do I need two Visconti Operas? Well, sure! These are just such stunningly luxurious pens, they seem almost decadent to own, never mind use! Still, I use them often, becasue they just feel so daarned good in the hand. This is from the "Elements" collection, and is much like its cousin below. However, this one features a nifty 'twist-click' cap mechanism that I really like. And naturally, a dream to write with!
Visconti Opera Special Edition Ruby Red, Black cap M 18 K
Cartridge/Converter c 2007 Working
Ah, Visconti, how I love thee! The fact that I am a bit of an Italian history buff just adds to my love for these pens. (Sidenote: in the Middle Ages, the Visconti coat of arms was a basilisk devouring a child. Ghastly, right? But even today, you can see that greedy serpent on the front of any Alfa Romeo. True thing!) This pen is pen lust embodied. Crimson marbled with gleaming gold, a big, engraved nib that writes like silk... It's love! I keep this one inked up with my other Italian love, Dante Alighieri, the ruby red ink from De Atramentis, although I have found that with the Noodler's Eel 'Rattler Red,' I get even more expressive writing from it.
Visconti Van Gogh Maxi Evergreen M 22K GP
Cartridge/converter c 2000 Working
Another beauty from Visconti. Plated nib, but still an excellent writer, especially now that it has been given the famed Pendleton Point 'stub' treatment. Shimmering green with golds and browns - no photo will do it justice. Nice hefty feel in the hand, and holds loads of ink. Fantastic spring-loaded clip, too.
Wahl Eversharp Desk Pen Woodgrain Ebonite F 14K Flex
Lever-filler c 1920 Working
I simply love the woodgrain ebonite pens, but this is the first I've seen that isn't the 'rosewood' color. It's a fantasticly grained desk pen, with a restored lever filler, and a big juicy nib marked '14K Flex.' What more could a pen-geek want?
Wahl Eversharp GF Overlay Ringtop F 14K Flex
Lever-filler c 1920 Working
Lovely little Wahl ringtop, with a superfinenib. I don't generally like super fines, but this one has an intriguing bit of flex, so I think it has potential. Another dainty little pen, in fantastic shape.
Waterman Ideal Nº 3V Steel Quartz Celluloid F 14K flex
Lever c 1930 Working
This may be one of those great writers that's not as showy as some other pens. It's a nice steel marble shot with russet, with silvertone appointments. But the nib is a smooth, flexy champion. Does gorgeous copperplate style script, or it will with practice....
Waterman Ideal Nº 0552½ V Gold-filled “Gothic” overlay F 14K #2 flex
Lever & pencil c 1930 Working
I had to put a quarter in the nib shot, so you can get an idea how impossibly dainty it is! The nib is fairly flexible (falling well short of what I'd call 'wetnoodle') and writes a gorgeous copperplate script, and puts down a nice smooth line without variance as well. Pencil still has lead, and these darlings are in such beautiful shape! With the original blue velvet box, with vintage Waterman's instructions!
Waterman Lady Patricia Rose Red Pearl Ink-Vue Semi-flex F-M 14K
Double-action lever/bulb c 1932 Working
Another tiny jewel from Waterman. This one has the 'Ink-Vue' barrel, and a modified double-action lever/bulb fill mechanism. In superb shape, with great clarity, no discoloration.
Waterman Phileas Blue Marble M Steel
Cartridge/converter c 1990 Working
I bought this pen for a relative over 10 years ago, she gave it back, I gave it to my mom, and SHE gave it back! Now that I've messed with it again, I'm not sure why I kept giving it away. It's a nice solid little pen. Granted, it's fairly lightweight plastic, and the marbling isn't exactly subtle (I think it's a printed design, but I can't be sure), and the nib is steel, which is generally not my preference. Still, it's a smooth and reliable writer, fairly wet, not skippy or scratchy. A good pen to take along when I'm just out and about, and would be afraid to take some of my treasures.
Wearever Pioneer Flattop Jade Green Celluloid M 14K #4 Semi-firm
Lever c 1920 Working, but rough
This pen may have some of the best coloring for 1920s jade celluloid I have ever seen. It's absolutely brilliant. Some brassing to the cap band and lever, but minimal wear. Has a good sac and the nib seems like it's a smooth writer, but the tines are a smidge out of alignment. Something I will doubtless send it our for one of these days. Sweet little ringtop pen.

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