Sheaffer Pens

Sheaffers have been my main pen love; after all, I started with a Sheaffer, and several of my best writers over the years have been Sheaffers. Both vintage and modern, Sheaffer pens are just well made. (Actually, I don’t know about the current batch, even most of my ‘modern’ Sheaffers all hail from Fort Madison.) I’ve even acquired several Sheaffer Desk pens (vintage, of course), one of which I keep near my computer for jotting quick notes.

The Sheaffers; By Far My Favorites….

Since Sheaffers account for nearly half my collection, they not only have this intro, but have been sub-divided by vintage and modern:

Sheaffers, Pre-1950

Sheaffers, 1950-present

(Project or non-working Sheaffers are on the Project Pens Page.)
Sheaffers sheafferdesk

Left: Just a few of my Sheaffer pens. Right: My favorite Sheaffer desk pen.
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so please don’t take them without asking. I’m happy to share, so please ask!)