12 new pens added

Finally got my new pens added. Since it’s crazy cold, I couldn’t photograph them outdoors. Sadly, my camera simply does not like shooting indoors, even in bright natural light, so this batch is not quite as good as I’d like. But, they are up!

On the Sheaffer Page:

  • Sheaffer Midsize Balance Ebonized Pearl
  • Sheaffer 100 Red

On the ‘Other Pens” Page:

  • Pilot Metropolitan Purple Leopard
  • Vintage Golden Rule in BHR
  • Conklin LE Crescent Rose Gold Demonstrator
  • Conklin Crescent Mark Twain Zebra
  • THINK Gatsby Havannah
  • Vintage Wahl GF with14K flexy nib
  • 2 Gorgeous Waterman Kultur Reflectis, one iridescent blue/green, the other iridescent golden red
  • Waterman Phileas Black

On the Project Pens Page:

  • “Band O’White” BHR with 14K flexy nib


, November 5, 2014. New Pens

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